A CXL Pooling Solution and Results of Performance Testing

Brian Pan

Speaker's bio

Brian Pan is CEO and founder of H3 Platform. Brian has many years of experience developing composable disaggregated PCIe solutions since 2016. He has also been involved in composable memory and GPU solution development. In addition, Brian has rich experience designing composable solutions with tier 1 cloud service providers and data centers.


Track : track5
Date: Day 2
Time: 16:10 ~ 16:40

Session detail

An overview of the World’s 1st CXL switch with 256 lanes for composable memory. The switch provides the host and CXL memory connections needed to form a composable memory cluster. The topics covered will be the host, memory pool, and management system topologies; memory expansion, memory pooling, and memory sharing use cases; what fabric management API/ GUI are used; and the latency in different architectures shown in performance tests.