Overcoming New Challenges through the Expansion of Open Collaboration

Jonggyu Park

Speaker's bio

Jonggyu Park is a Corporate VP Solution Product & Development in Memory Business of Samsung Electronics.

Jonggyu Park received the B.S. degree in electronic engineering from Kyungpook National University, Daegu, South Korea in 1993. He joined Samsung Electronics in 1994, where he was involved in SOC PE & Test team. Starting with Fiber Channel SerDes IP in 1998, he has mainly contributed to improving and standardizing the consistency of PHY SI/PI verification for SATA/SAS/PCIe interfaces of storage devices for nearly 25 years. Currently, he is in charge of SSD system H/W design as a team header, Vice President. His current industrial interests include high-capacity, high-efficiency, and low-power SSD product development with comprehensive competitiveness optimization technology researches.


Track : All Rooms
Date: Day 2
Time: 10:20 ~ 10:40

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Conquering New Challenges through the Expansion of Open Collaboration