OCP Datacenter Secure Control Module Update (DC-SCM 2.1)

Wai Chung Ngai

Speaker's bio

Ngai, Wai Chung is a seasoned business and technology leader in Hypersclae, Cloud Service Providers (CSP) and the Enterprise space across Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ). Wai Chung has over 25 years of IT industry experience serving these markets and offering technology solutions including Compute, Storage, Networking & Data Center to solve customers’ business and technical problems.

Wai Chung currently serves as the Director of Lenovo’s CSP & Hyperscale, APJ, leading a team of Business Development Managers and Architects to offer optimal infrastructure solutions and custom data center products and services for CSP & Hyperscale customers.

Moreover, Wai Chung actively contributes to the Open Compute Project Foundation as the APAC Project Lead. He fosters collaboration within the APAC community and contributes to the development of innovative open solutions that cater to market needs and shape the future of the industry.


Track : track4
Date: Day 2
Time: 16:50 ~ 17:20

Session detail

This presentation highlights the OCP Datacenter Secure Control Module (DC-SCM) and its latest version 2.1. The DC-SCM offers a modular design approach to address security and complexity challenges in server motherboards design.
Key topics include an DC-SCM capabilities and benefits and the OCP Project Argus DC-SCM 2.0 contributed by Lenovo and Cloudflare. Attendees will gain insights into the DC-SCM 2.1 update and its relevance in enhancing data center security and design improvement. The presentation concludes with a call to action to engage with the initiative and participate in the OCP community.