High Performance Inference Chips for ChatGPT

June Paik

Speaker's bio

June Paik is the Founder and CEO of FuriosaAI. Before starting up FuriosaAI in 2017, he developed semiconductor products—both hardware and software—at AMD and Samsung Electronics.

As Founder and CEO of FuriosaAI, he sets the product vision and orchestrates the engineering development of the firm. He received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in electrical engineering at Georgia Tech in 2005 and 2009 respectively.


Track : All Rooms
Date: Day 2
Time: 11:20 ~ 11:40

Session detail

With the advent of ChatGPT and generative AI models, the demand for deep learning inference in data centers is exploding. While energy efficiency is important to reduce TCO (total cost of ownership), high performance is also essential to serve large models in production. Hyperscalers, on the other hand, emphasized the importance of programmability and flexibility for inference accelerators to track DNN progress.This talk will introduce the high performance AI chips developed by FuriosaAI, designed to tackle all these challenges.