Memory Pooling over CXL and Go Beyond with AI

Myoungsoo Jung

Speaker's bio

Dr. Myoungsoo Jung is a Tenured Associate Professor at KAIST, leading the CAMEL Lab and acting as the founder and CEO of Panmnesia, a KAIST-incubated startup. Contributing to the CXL consortium and serving as a board member of PCI-SIG, he's also a distinguished academic, with a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Pennsylvania State, an M.S. from Georgia Tech, and an M.S. in Embedded Systems from Korea University, Seoul.

His industrial expertise spans hundreds of U.S. patents and a vast array of scholarly contributions. He's authored over a hundred research papers on topics such as CXL/SSD hardware, firmware, and kernel-level file systems, frequently published in elite journals like OSDI, ISCA, MICRO, ASPLOS, FAST, and HPCA. His impactful work has been recognized with core grants from organizations like U.S. NSF, DOE, NRF, and prestigious awards like the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Award of Excellence, the 2022 NVMW Memorable Paper Award, and the 2022 Samsung Best Paper Award.


Track : track3
Date: Day 2
Time: 16:10 ~ 16:40

Session detail

In this talk, I will provide a comprehensive overview of Compute Express Link (CXL) technology, examining why it matters and where we currently stand in terms of its development. CXL is a high-speed, low-latency interconnect standard that allows for communication between CPUs and various types of accelerators, including FPGAs and GPUs. It enables devices to share memory space and cache coherence, allowing for faster data access and more efficient processing of complex workloads. We will explore the different versions of CXL, starting with the original CXL 1.0 specification and its subsequent updates, including the recently released CXL 3.0. I will discuss the key features of each version and how they differ from one another, as well as the benefits of using CXL over other interconnect standards. In addition to examining the technical aspects of CXL, I will also delve into the real-world implications of this technology. Specifically, I will discuss how CXL is being used in large-scale data centers and how it is helping to drive innovation in fields such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Overall, this talk will provide a comprehensive understanding of CXL technology, from its foundational principles to its practical applications. Whether you're a hardware engineer, a software developer, or simply interested in the latest trends in computing, this talk will offer valuable insights into one of the most exciting new technologies on the market today < 발표자 요청으로 영상 비공개입니다 >