Empower your AI transformation with full potential of NVMe SSD

Leander Yu

Speaker's bio

Leander Yu is CEO of Graid Technology, a company based in Santa Clara, CA, he co-founded in 2019. Before that he was VP at Silicon Motion for a little more than 2 years following the acquisition of Bigtera, a developer of a SDS solution based on Ceph. He also spent some times at EZ Cloud Tech and TCloud Computing. As an engineer, he likes new technologies and plays with new tech gadgets and thinks about what’s missing or how to make them better and cooler.

Specialties: Software defined storage architecture design, large scale system design, cloud computing IaaS/PaaS system design


Track : track4
Date: Day 2
Time: 15:30 ~ 16:00

Session detail

AI has become a major workload for data centers, with modern AI modeling techniques such as LLM requiring large datasets and high performance. Transforming the existing storage infrastructure and harnessing the capabilities of Gen5 SSDs has become a challenge for data center customers. This session will discuss a seamless transformation of the existing BeeGFS infrastructure to unlock the full potential of NVMe SSDs.